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Jumping into 2017 at UBC

In 2010, we did seismic upgrade work on the West and South wings of the UBC Biological Sciences buildings. In the New Year, we'll be working on the new addition and renovation project to the Biological Sciences building to make room for the new UBC Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Labs.

Removal of the existing Centre Wing and North West corner of the Bioscience Buildings is already complete. A new East Wing will be built creating a quadrangle with a new larger central courtyard inside the Bioscience complex. Our crew will be working in a number of different areas in both the North Wing Bioscience renovations and New East Wing construction. We'll be upgrading existing columns and structures, installing shotcrete precast infills, seismic sheer walls from the basement to roof in some areas. We'll carry out floor levelling, hydro demolition, dowel drilling, and installation of new concrete footings.

Our team will also be placing shotcrete for new ramps and staircases from the courtyard into the West and North Wings. Take a look at the schematic of the new construction below:

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