Seismic Upgrade Projects


Seismic upgrades are one of our specialties. The unique properties of shotcrete make it perfect for restoration and seismic work. Here are a few of the seismic upgrades we've done of the years. Check out a few of our seismic upgrade products over the years below, and contact us today for more info! 

Project: Skins Spillway Upgrade

Location: Ootsa Lake, BC

Duration: August to September 2019


Our crew applied approximately 350 cubic yards of shotcrete at the plunge pool repair project of the Skins Spillway. After preparing the slope with meticulous chipping, scaling, and washing. Our crew carried out anchor drilling and grout work before the application of two layers of steel fibre dry mix shotcrete.


Project: Burnaby Reservoir

Location: Burnaby, BC

Duration: September 2017 - January 2018


We first constructed and applied seismic thickening and reinforcement to the existing seismic footings around the outside of the reservoir. 200mm thick seismic walls were then installed around the perimeter of the reservoir to reinforce the existing reservoir walls.

In total we installed about 600 cubic meters of shotcrete for this reservoir seismic upgrade project. Our most significant challenge was working around the pipe bracing installed around the excavated walls of the reservoir during construction to prevent any structural damage or leaks.


Project: Ruskin Dam Spillway Phase 3

Location: Mission, BC

Duration: August to December 2017


The final phase of our work on the Ruskin Dam Spillway Slope Stabilization project was completed at the end of 2017 with the surface reconstruction of spillway gate 5. 


The project was a challenging one, working around existing and new pier construction and ensuring complete rebound containment with no shotcrete rebound contaminating the water flow.


Project: Ruskin Dam Spillway Phase 2

Location: Mission, BC

Duration: May to August 2016


The second phase of the Slope stabilization project was completed in 2016 with the application of silica fume shotcrete to the 38 degree slope. 


Project: Ruskin Dam Spillway Phase 1

Location: Mission, BC

Duration: June to November 2015


Steel fibre silica fume shotrete mix was installed on a 38 degree slope at heights of up to 40 metres. Shotcrete was applied in 60-80 square metre panels to the 3,000 square metre spillway surface to complete the first face of this complex rehabilitation project.


Project: BC Hydro Powertech Labs

Location: Surrey, BC

Duration: November 2013 - 2014


Heavily reinforced seismic shear walls were installed 300mm thick by 12 metres high to upgrade and renovate the Powertech Labs facility. This included the installation of seismic footings, dowels and rebar.


Project: UBC Biological Sciences Building

Location: Vancouver, BC

Duration: February 2010 - April 2011


Silica-fume shotcrete walls were installed up to 400mm thick and four stories high for this seismic upgrade project. Heavy reinforcements were placed against existing concrete walls. Concrete seismic footings and buttresses were installed as well as rebar dowels.

Project: Iona Building, UBC School of Theology

Location: Vancouver, BC

Duration: 2004-2005


One of our earliest and most interesting projects, we are proud to have contributed to the restoration of this historic building.


This extensive project included the installation of seismic footings, seismic walls, rebar dowel insertions, window opening repairs, floor levelling with overlay, and shotcrete application. We also did hard landscaping on the site including sidewalks and the unique Maltese Labyrinth located in the garden behind the building.


Burns Lake 4.jpg

Skins Spillway Seismic Upgrade

We just finished work at the Skins Spillway seismic upgrade project in Ootsa Lake, BC

This 2 month project included chipping scaling and washing to prep the slopes, then our crew drilled anchors and grouting, finally applying two layers of steel fibre dry mix shotcrete to complete the project in late September


Vancouver Post Office Building Seismic Upgrade


We're working on foundation walls at the massive city block sized rehabilitation project of the historic Vancouver Post Office building

Hammersly Pump Station


We finished work on the radius lining of Hammersly Pump Station in April. Shotcrete application was carried before and after installation of the pump screws.


Beautiful BC at Skins Spillway

December 18, 2019

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