What is Shotcrete and how can it affect the bottom line of your next project?

Shotcrete is a process of concrete application with superior qualities to traditional cast in place methods. In addition to time and budget savings, both wet and dry shotcrete processes provide superior hardened properties such as strength, low permeability and high durability. Read more on the features of and benefits of shotcrete at the 


How does shotcrete save you time?


Traditional cast in place concrete methods require the construction of extensive framing in which to pour the concrete mixture.


Shotcrete utilizes a specialized mixture of concrete and aggregate particular to the structural integrity of the project which is then shot at high velocity against blind walls requiring minimal forming against only one surface saving both manpower and time.


How does shotcrete save you money?


Shotcrete saves both time in terms of labour and forming input required, as well as materials due to decreased forming requirements. Shotcrete often provides significant time savings to your overall construction schedule helping you get the job done quicker!

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Burns Lake 4.jpg

Skins Spillway Seismic Upgrade

We just finished work at the Skins Spillway seismic upgrade project in Ootsa Lake, BC

This 2 month project included chipping scaling and washing to prep the slopes, then our crew drilled anchors and grouting, finally applying two layers of steel fibre dry mix shotcrete to complete the project in late September


Vancouver Post Office Building Seismic Upgrade


We're working on foundation walls at the massive city block sized rehabilitation project of the historic Vancouver Post Office building

Hammersly Pump Station


We finished work on the radius lining of Hammersly Pump Station in April. Shotcrete application was carried before and after installation of the pump screws.


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