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UBC Throwback: 2010

Project: UBC Biological Sciences West & South Wing Seismic Upgrades

Timeline: 2010-2011

In April of 2010, our growing LRutt team headed back to the campus at the University of British Columbia to work on a seismic upgrade of the West and South wings of the Biological Sciences buildings. Given the size of the buildings and stages of progress, our work there lasted into 2011.

We installed silica-fume shotcrete walls up to four stories high in some places and 400mm thick. Concrete seismic footings, buttresses and rebar dowels were installed as well as heavy reinforcements to the existing concrete walls to help bring this building up to date.

Coming back to a site we had spent so much time on before was great for us, and working on a project of this size was great experience for our team as well. While our shots of this building aren't quite as picturesque, check out some really neat action shots of our work in progress:

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