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Phase 1 Slope Rehabilitation at the Ruskin Dam is Complete

Phase 1 of the Ruskin Hydro Dam Slope Stabilization project has been completed. From detailed planning and mockups on the spillway surface, to creation of a custom swing stage, and installation of difficult to access shotcrete panels, this project has presented some unique and interesting challenges to our crew. Check out some pictures and project highlights below!

In order to safely and effectively access the hydro demolished spillway surface for shotcrete application, we had a custom swing stage designed unique to this project. The swing stage runs along the spillway surface on custom rails.

The surface profile of the spillway runs 38 degrees from vertical to near horizontal on an arc. A meticulous system was required to control the shotcrete surface profile and keep the finish profile tight to the required tolerances. Steel fiber silica fume shotcrete was installed in panels to control rebound contamination.

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